Renting an Airstream – Try before you Buy

Renting an Airstream – Try before you Buy

Buying an Airstream travel trailer is a big decision. It’s a big financial decision of course. And the REALLY big decision is getting the right trailer for your needs. There are so many models, sizes and styles to choose from. Have you ever wished you could “test drive” an Airstream before you buy? Now you can. But before we get to that lets talk about a few things you should consider before you take the jump into your new (or pre-owned) Airstream.

Where and how will you use your Airstream?

There are as many ways to use your Airstream as there are Airstreams to choose from. Full time living. Weekend use. RV Parks. “Off Grid” living. AirBnb Rentals. Combinations of all of those. Give careful thought to how you will be using your Airstream. Airstreams are the original Tiny Homes. All Airstreams these days are built to be fully self-contained whether you are plugged in next to your swimming pool at home or in a remote location off-grid enjoying nature. Consider all the ways you plan to use your Airstream now and in the future so you have a clear roadmap ahead. These requirements will help you narrow the field of choices.

Sleeping Arrangements

One of the great things about traveling with an Airstream is comfort, and nowhere is that more important than where you lay down at the end of a fun travel day. Think about how many people will be using your silver beauty. Adults? Kids? Seniors? Who is using the trailer sets some firm parameters for things like sleeping arrangements. Airstream trailers have been built in sizes ranging from 15 ft. to 34 ft, with literally hundreds of floorplans over the years. Sleeping arrangements include permanent beds (Queen, Full or Twins), fold out beds (think pull-out couch style), bunk beds (permanent or removable), fold down dinettes (the eating table drops to form another sleeping area) and other creative custom solutions. Do you want to make up your bed every day or have it there ready to flop down in for an afternoon nap? Deciding on how many places to sleep and what those look like is a critical factor that will help guide the size and layout of Airstream that suits your needs.

Tow Vehicle Selection

If you already have a tow vehicle, the towing specifications and limitations of that vehicle will narrow the field of what Airstream you can tow safely. If you are buying a tow vehicle to pull your trailer, then you can start by defining the trailer size and weight that you are considering and then research tow vehicles that will accommodate that vessel. The style of tow vehicle is also a big consideration – car, small SUV, large SUV, small pickup truck, large truck, 2wd, 4 wd, … your tow vehicle choice impacts how and where you travel with your Airstream. The proper match between your tow vehicle your trailer is critical for your comfort and safety.

Renting an Airstream – Try before you buy

After defining all of your needs, you still may be a bit unsure of which Airstream is right for you or what the experience will be with your selection. With the new partnership between Airstream Hunter and Outdoorsy, you can enjoy an Airstream Experience anywhere in the country before you take the plunge into Airstream Ownership. Hundreds of Airstream trailers of all types, sizes, ages and styles are available to be enjoyed for a few days, or a few weeks, with the Outdoorsy rental program. Find something locally, or create a dream Airstream Vacation and live the life before you invest in your own trailer.

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